How do you think about internal culture and brand? How important is that?

You are what you eat.  You are only as good as the people who make up your business. So culture is very important in every business. You want to make sure everyone is truly a team, have common goals and are truly able to work together.

pivot-square-logoWhat about brand – does brand matter for a mid-sized and growing business?

Brand is important in that there is value in a highly sought out product and if you can build your brand through your culture and through the care and service or the product you are providing, it strengthens your whole business model.

As a company grows, how do you keep it “acting small”? How do you keep it feeling personal – for employees and customers?

In the profession of physical therapy, it has to be personal It is a high- touch business and as you grow you have to break it down to the local level, and then down to the facility level, down to the patient level. Without that patient level, that personal interaction, the personal touch, the local fare will not support the larger growth or scalability of the company. Every market is different. Every area is different. Every state may have a different personal touch that is required.