When did you realize you wanted to go into business for yourself?

Ever since I was a young child and I opened up my first business. It was a grounds keeping business. I cut lawns.

What is your overall business strategy?

To provide a profitable business that provides an exceptional service.

Gary Katz opens a new clinic

Gary Katz opens a new clinic

How do you balance growth with customer service with operations? How do you bring it all together – and keep it there?

There is a fine line of growing a company and it involves detailed processes and systems in place that focus on achieving set goals with at the team you put together that will be accountable for assisting in achieving those goals. Accountability and expectations. I set expectations and hold people accountable. I motivate my team with enthusiasm and leading them to success. I practice what I preach in terms of hard work and dedication.

How important is it for any business – small, medium or large – to get involved in the local community?

Businesses are supported by local community. Evert business should have some sort of community involvement at the grassroots level. An example of this my passion for sports medicine at the high school and youth level.

Providing athletic training services to the high schools – taking care of every parent’s worst nightmare of their child being injured. We focus on care and prevention of athletic injuries at the high school and youth level. By providing this service, we are showing our commitment to safe sport and caring about all individuals at every level so they can participate in sport in a safe environment.

It’s always important to have the foresight and the constant ear to the ground so know what is going on in your community. You want to be a leader, you want to take chances, and you want to learn from your mistakes but always be better and provide something in the community that sets you apart from all other competitors. You can be the business of choice.