Many of us might think you’re in the business of helping people who are injured get healthy? But do you see yourself more in the “recovery” business – helping people get better? Or in the “prevention” business – helping people learn how to stay healthy and strong?

Gary Katz staying healthyPhysical therapy is focused on recovery, getting people back to living, to work, to play. However, there has been a big focus on well-being and care and prevention. There has been a lot of physical therapists entering wellness. PTs have been active recently in focusing on reducing obesity. There are a lot of programs educating folks on concussion management, ACL prevention programs, posture education, proper body mechanics. All of these things are important for preventing injury and there is nothing better than being in a good state of conditioning to help prevent injury. We are now in both the recovery and prevention business.

Being in the wellness industry (broadly speaking), what do you see as the biggest challenges for people wanting to stay healthy? What would you recommend people consider if they want to reduce risk of injury?

Balance. Lots of people have issues with balance between work, family, and whatever life brings to the table. A regimen of exercise three to five times a week will help maintain a high level of health.

What’s your personal “stay healthy” approach? Exercise? Smart diet?

Maintaining a level of conditioning, flexibility, strength, recovery and understanding your body’ s limitations.

What do you do for fun?

Travel, fish and be with family.