We’ve surely come a long way since the beginnings of physical therapy… What are the trends?

Technologically, the physical therapist has been challenged with going from traditional handwriting to electronic medical records. Those records are eventually going to help and assist the physical therapist with outcomes and best demonstrated practices. We will be able to compare the physical therapist and truly show insurance companies and the consumer who the best physical therapists are based on clinical outcomes.

We are out the forefront of using technology on a more ready basis. Hopefully information gathering with technology will allow us to be more efficient with our care of service and to fine tune our clinical excellence with data that will be collected based on outcomes.



What’s your view on wearables? Do they work? How do you advise people engage with them?

Physical therapists are truly experts in wellness and movement and these wearables could eventually assist the physical therapist in designing exercise programs for the patient. And with the use of these wearables, patients will possibly be more compliant with their exercise plan or easier to monitor their wellness or fitness.

Have you ever used a wearable? What did you like or dislike?

Heck no.

What are your views on telemedicine?

Telemedicine is a very interesting concept and although there is a personal touch to physical therapy, I believe there will be a time when patients will be able to follow up for routine questions or checkups and telemedicine may one of the most efficient or easily accessible way to their physical therapist.

I believe PT will always involve a personal touch but there may be opportunities for routine maintenance programs in the future as telemedicine gets more sophisticated and physical therapists gain a better understanding on how telemedicine affects physical therapy outcomes. Too early to tell at this point.