Obviously, you’ve been very involved in youth sports over the years. What are the biggest benefits you see for kids getting involved in sports at a young age?

Working with others in youth sports, sportsmanship, learning how to be a team player and learning the importance of exercise and being active, especially in these days of internet gaming.

Gary Katz youth sportsOne challenge we’ve seen in youth sports is potential for injury – as kids focus on single sports at younger ages, certain types of stress injuries might occur. How should parents think about this?

Parents need to understand a child’s limitations and allow them to have fun while playing sports and not always focus on making their child the next Michael Phelps, Alex Rodriguez or Dan Marino.

What habits can kids get into at a young age that can set the ground work for a healthy lifestyle as they get older?

Being active. Playing outside. Getting involved, enjoying the activity they are doing. It makes it easy for a parent when their child enjoys what they are doing.