Gary Katz Physical Therapy

Gary Katz

I’ve created accounts on a variety of social media platforms in an attempt to broaden my reach and learn from others about what works and what doesn’t. Here are a few of the most important accounts that I’ll be using:

Quora: A really great question and answer site with a ton of information about physical therapy and sports injuries. There’s a wealth of information here about starting and running a business.

LinkedIn: The premier business networking site.

Facebook: Isn’t everyone on Facebook? I’ll be posting the latest news and information about Pivot Physical Therapy and my personal interests.

Twitter: One of the best sources for the latest news and information. I’m following some really good sources of information about health, fitness and physical therapy.

Tumblr: It’s another platform and ecosystem but not sure how much I’ll use it since I have this site. It’s like a business card on the Internet