OK, one more.

We’ve been offering tips on how to eat better at work. Healthier eating, of course, is an important part of staying fit and injury free. But what about the rest of the work week?

Health Day News reports that people trying to lose weight “should pay close attention to what they eat during the week, and not worry as much about enjoying themselves during the weekend,”

“Nearly everyone gradually loses weight during the week and then gains it back over the weekend, a team of American and Finnish researchers reported.”

“But people who successfully lose weight and keep it off are those who maintain healthy eating habits during the week, the researchers found.”

“Those who consistently lost weight in the study tended to compensate more strictly during the week for their weekend weight gain, the researchers said. Their weight began decreasing immediately on Monday and continued downward until Friday, while people who tended to gain weight showed a weaker weekday compensation for the weekend’s indulgences.”

The Kitchn has a very good work week menu plan.